Concrete Ferro Scanning

We use the highly accurate and effective Hilti PS 1000 X-Scan, the most advanced Ferro and Hilti scanning equipment available, to ensure you have comprehensive knowledge of your structure's hidden aspects before any drilling, coring, or design changes are made. It's crucial to know the exact location of pipework and other structural features before undertaking any drilling or changes. Our Hilti X-Scan equipment provides precise locating capabilities in multiple layers up to 300mm in cured concrete, ensuring you avoid important structural supports or vital pipework. We can scan walls, floors, and soffits. Contact our expert ferro scanning team at 01925471003 to arrange your nationwide survey and receive a no-obligation ferro scan quotation at your convenience.


Concrete Ferro scanning is an efficient and cost-effective method of assessing the condition of reinforced concrete structures. It offers many benefits, including its non-destructive nature, accurate and detailed information, and versatility in various applications. If you are planning a construction or renovation project, concrete Ferro scanning may be a valuable tool to ensure the integrity of your concrete structures


Using pulse technology, the PS 1000 X-Scan, manufactured by industry experts Hilti, detects anything in the required ground, slab or wall area and provides expert data analysis, evaluation and report generation that are visible both in the field and back in the office. Downloaded information can be used to create detailed documents with diagrams & data for analysis by our Ferro scan engineers in real time. 


Ferro scanning is regularly used in a variety of different applications and for a wide range of customers, including:

  • Drilling and coring in concrete structures
  • Marking the layout of embedded objects in structures required for drilling, including rebar and conduit
  • Non-destructive inspection of bridges e.g. the location of tendons
  • Locating objects in the floor, including heating pipes
  • Nuclear Power Industry

Operating throughout the UK, we specialise in the use of the very latest and most effective Hilti ferro scanning equipment to accurately analyse structural concrete and supports at commercial, residential, and industrial properties across the whole of the UK.


Our experienced engineers at Drill Direct Ltd have the capability of providing a fast accurate & commercially viable ferro scanning and diamond core drilling, wall sawing, floor sawing, demolition services across the UK,


Contact us today to discuss your Ferro scanning analysis requirements with one of our experienced team.


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