Track Sawing

Diamond track sawing is a specialized cutting technique that utilizes a diamond blade mounted on a track-based machine. This machine is bolted to either floors, walls, or soffits and is ideal for projects where a self-propelled floor saw cannot be used, such as on steep inclines or staircases.


One of the main benefits of diamond track sawing is its accuracy, which allows for precise cuts to be made with tight tolerances. This makes it an excellent choice for forming openings for doors, vents, and other structures with flush cuts.


In addition to its accuracy, diamond track sawing is also highly versatile. Wall saws can be operated remotely by the operator and can cut vertically, horizontally, and even upside down to depths of up to 730mm.


Overall, diamond track sawing is an efficient and effective technique that is well-suited to a variety of construction and engineering projects. Whether you need to create precise openings or make flush cuts, diamond track sawing can provide the accuracy and versatility you need to achieve your goals.


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